Tweendom’s Official Rating Scale 👍🏻

Hello readers,

This is the official Tweendom Kingdom book rating scale. I will rate books out of 50. Each rank will have an emoji. For example, since ice cream cones are superior to frowns, books with ice cream cones are generally better books over books with frowns. The highest rank a book can get is 50/50.

46/50-50/50: 🍦Soft Serve! For excellent books with an exciting plot and well-developed characters. Teaches an valuable life lesson and inspires the reader to change the world, be kind, go your own way, ect.

41/50-45/50: 🍩 D’oh For books with an exciting plot, good life lesson, and well-developed characters.  Teaches a great life lesson.

36/50-40/50: 🍉 Watermelon For books slightly above average in the publishing world.

30/50-35/50🆗 OK. For OK books. These books have an OK plot and OK characters. But don’t fret. This is not a bad book. It’s just an OK book.  Nothing to get excited about.       Ho-hum.

25/50-29/50: 😬 Improvement needed. For books under the average mark: you don’t want this to sink and further. Its either incredibly boring or hard for the reader to understand whats going on. The reader could care less what happens to the protaganist.

1/50-24/50: 😭 WHY? Needs MAJOR improvement in more than one area. These books are at least one out of four: HORRIBLE plot, under-developed characters, bad life lesson (more likely there’s no life lesson at ALL) and insanely boring.

Thank you so much and keep on reading!

-Katie K