My Pottermore Profile

Hello world! This is another stellar day of blogging. Today I am going to reveal my test results from the Pottermore quiz[es]. They were TONS of fun, and I highly encourage you to go check it out for yourself! Enjoy.   MY HOGWARTS HOUSE Its OK. Just OK. I always thought I would be in Ravenclaw, … Continue reading My Pottermore Profile

100 Things That Make Me Happy

Spending time with Family and Friends  Books Chocolate Covered Bananas   Blogging  Slippers   Sunshine   Italian Food Dance Parties  Christmas Carols  Improv Acting         The Sound of Sizzling Bacon   Being Spontaneous   New notebooks    Unicorns   Sushi Karaoke    Movies    The Chicken Dance   Impressions   Kittens   Pumpkin Pie … Continue reading 100 Things That Make Me Happy