Book Review #33: The Wishing Spell

Title: The Wishing Spell (The Land of Stories, 1)     Author: Chris Colfer     

Publisher: Little Brown & Scholastic

AR: 5.0     Lexile: 720     Age: 3rd-5th grade

Ever since, twins Alex and Connor Bailey’s father died, their lives have been miserable. Their mother is working double-time, well into the night just to make ends meet. Meanwhile, Connor is well-liked and funny but struggles in school;Alex excels in academics but is very lonely. 

When their grandmother gives them a treasured fairy-tale book, they have no idea that they’re about to enter a land beyond all imagining: the Land of Stories, where fairy tales are real.

And who knows? Maybe Connor and Alex will finally find their well-deserved Happily Ever After…

WARNING: Major Spoilers! 

Major Spoilers! Don’t ruin the book for yourself! Howdy! Read it first! No sir-ee! Follow! Unicorns! Come back soon!

Scroll to the bottom if you want to see the final ratings. There are no spoilers there.

Sorry for not posting the whole month of November. I was really busy and kind of forget about my blog, to be honest. I think I need to start a posting schedule so I post more consistently for you guys. 


  • Evly & Mira!  It was true love. It was exciting. It was heartbreak. It was…ehow to insert extremely depressing. Nevertheless, it was a really good back story. Not everyone can have a Happily Ever After…




  • I liked how the very first three words of the entire, 438 page book were “Once Upon a Time”. As a bookworm, my ears perk up whenever I hear this phrase! They last three words weren’t Happily Ever After, but I betting it will be for one of the sequels.
  • The ending was a big surprise. Chris Colfer was clever when he thought about “fairy-tales”.  I’d like to imagine the twins’ story as a fairy-tale itself.
  • Goldilocks is plain awesome! Chris Colfer made a very interesting plot twist between Red Riding Hood, Jack, and my girl G-locks.


  • It was so much fractured fairy-tale, it was kind of overwhelming. 
  • I didn’t like the writing style. Colfer needs to use his adjectives. I noticed many parts where he used “said” or “say” and could have used “acknowledged” or “cringed”. But maybe that’s a little hypocritical…

Favorite Part

My favorite part was when the traveling tradesman gave up his freedom for the twins and stayed a slave in the Goblin Territory when he could have escaped.

“How could a stranger give up so much for us?” Alex said. 

“Maybe he thought trading his freedom for ours would be the most honest trade he ever made.” Connor said.

The Wishing Spell, Page 260, Chapter 11

Favorite Character

Goldilocks, of course!

No one could do or say anything. They all just watched with their mouths and eyes wide open. It was going to be a fight to the finish. 

The Wishing Spell, Page 395, Chapter 21

Goldilocks is a loyal, fierce, and independent woman and a very interesting character.

  1. She saves the twins from getting eaten by The Big Bad Wolf Pack in Chapter 6.
  2. She’s a really strong warrior when it comes to sword fights.
  3. Though she’s a feared criminal on the run, her fugitive status doesn’t make her a bad person. In fact, she’s good-hearted despite her situation.
  4. Porridge is the best horse ever. Ever.

 Unanswered Questions

  • How did the twin’s Grandma become the fairy Godmother?
  • Is the Evil Queen still alive in the mirror? Or did she die? The book seems to make it clear that she died, but I’m betting she’ll come back up somewhere in the sequels.
  • The 2nd book is called The Enchantress Returns. Who is she?

Final Ratings

Enjoyment: 🍩 Donut (44/50)

Educational Value/Life Lesson: 🍉 Watermelon (34/50)

Characters: 🍩 Donut (43/50)

Plot: 🍉 Watermelon (36/50)

Writing Style: 🆗 (30/50)

Pacing: 🍦 (46/50)

OVERALL RATING: 🍉 Watermelon (38/50) 

This book is slightly above average. Its worth your time if you:

  • like the author
  • like the genre
  • was recommended by a friend with a similar taste in books

It’s not a must read, but you’ll most likely enjoy it if you like to read. The pacing is excellent!

Thank you for reading blog post. Please comment about your favorite part and character.  Do you have any interesting theories? Tell me that, too! Also, if you haven’t already, give this post a like and follow my blog.

Until next time, readers!

-Katie K



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