Book Review #31: Remarkable 🍉

remarkableTitle: Remarkable     Author: Lizzie K. Foley

Publisher: Puffin Books

Recommended for: Grades 4th-6th

AR: 3.9     Lexile: 6.0 

Everyone in Remarkable is Remarkable. Everyone except Jane, that is. While the rest of the town of Remarkable is busy being talented, gifted, or just plain extraordinary, she’s never been anything but ordinary. But when Jane finds herself in a school with the mischievous Grimlet twins and befriends a strange pirate captain, her life suddenly gets a lot more interesting-and a whole lot less ordinary. As a series of adventures puts the whole town in danger, she knows that it’s up to her, in her own modest way, to save the day.  And, in the end, Jane might find out she’s pretty remarkable after all. (from the back of the book, not mine)

I would say that this is worth the read, but is not absoulutely amazing. My final ratings are at the end of this post, so you can just close you eyes and scroll down if you don’t want spoilers.

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  • I read this a couple of years back and then remembered how good it was so I reread it. Jane proves to us that despite what people think of her, she is special in her own way.
  • The Grimlet Twins cracked me up!
  • OK, how awesome is the idea of beautiful lake with friendly sea dragon?  (whatever Lucky’s called…)
  • Short, simple, and sweet read that I devoured in one sitting.
  • Grandpa John is awesome! (see below)
  • The cover immediately caught my eye, most especially the sparkling pirate ship. Ialso liked how the font was cute yet easy on my eyes.


  • To me, it was obvious the Ysquibel was Captain Rojo Herring. Actually, I found out on page 122 (when Rojo was playing his fiddle to Lucky alongside Grandpa John). Where would he have learned to play the fiddle? Lucinda also showed up to deliver milk cartons advertising S.Y.N!.C. in the chapter right before. Coincidence?
  • Don’t get me wrong-I loved it how the plot was tied into Lucky and not just left to wonder about, but I felt like Lizzie K. Foley could have mentioned Lucky a little bit more.
  • Anderson’s character was kind of shallow and to be honest, I quickly got tire of reading about his crush on Lucinda-good thing it didn’t take up too much of the book.

Favorite Part

My favorite part was definitely at end when Mrs. Schanbel/Captain Penzing the Horrific sent her Dirt. The author related Jane to Dirt. Remember this line?

He was a very ordinary dog–perhpas the plainest, most oridinary dog that had ever lived. “Oh,” Jane said. “Oh, isn’t he the most beautiful dog ever!

It always feels good to read a book and then see what a good character has always wanted but wasn’t mentioned very often.

Favorite Character

My favorite character was Grandpa John because he keep both Lucky’s secret and Rojo Herring/Ysquibel’s secret. He told Jane not to tell anybody just so she could look cool, be interviewed in the newspaper and finally be noticed. That’s a good life lesson, right there! Let’s not forget how kind and gentle he is too!

Unanswered Questions

  • How were there only 3 kids in the public school and wasn’t the gifted school overcrowded?
  • Were there any other kids in the others grades or was it just Jane, Melissa, and Eddie?
  • Was it against the diocese to switch over from teaching 5th grade curriculum to piracy?
  • How did Melissa and Eddie invent the weather machine? What did they use? To be able to construct such a detailed device comes from a 2 very dedicated trouble makers.

Final Rating

Enjoyment: 🍉 Watermelon (34/50)

Educational Value/Life Lesson: 🍩 Donut (42/50)

Characters: 🍉 Watermelon (39/50)

Plot: 🍉 Watermelon (33/50)

Writing Style: 🍩 Donut (45/50)

Pacing: 🍉 Watermelon (35/50)

OVERALL RATING: 🍉 Watermelon (38/50)


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-Katie K

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